Question: What Chapter Is Rickshaw In In I Am Malala?

What happens in chapter 2 of I Am Malala?

Chapter 2. Malala confesses that her father stutters and that her paternal grandfather, Rohul Amin, made Ziauddin’s struggles worse during his childhood. Malala notes that women’s rights were reduced during this difficult period. Then, when Ziauddin was ten, the Russians invaded nearby Afghanistan.

What happens in chapter 3 of I Am Malala?

Chapter 3. Malala discusses the trials Ziauddin endured in launching his own school. To begin with, Ziauddin’s father had expected him to become a doctor, and he was displeased by Ziauddin’s interest in education. A man named Akbar Khan became Ziauddin’s mentor and loaned him money to meet college expenses.

What happens in chapter 4 of I Am Malala?

In Chapter 4, Malala talks of leaving Mingora to travel to her father’s family’s small village of Barkana for the Eid holidays. She has fond memories of traveling there in a bus and staying with the extended family, enjoying true Pashtun hospitality. Her cousins thought of her as modern because she was from the city.

What happens in chapter 5 of I Am Malala?

Chapter 5. Malala tells us how she learned to live a principled life. When she was seven, Malala suspected that a younger playmate, Safina, had stolen her pink toy mobile phone. Malala reports that she stopped stealing after that, and to this day, she wears no jewelry.

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Why did Malala think she was lucky?

Why did Malala think she was lucky? Her dad stood up what she believed in. Why did Malala think God(Allah)wanted her to see the children in the dump? He wanted her to see what her life would be like if she couldn’t go to school.

What happened in Chapter 1 of I Am Malala?

Chapter 1: “A Daughter is Born” In this chapter, Malala describes a close bond with her father from her birth, unusual in her culture. She says her father names her for a Pashtun heroine, Malalai, who led an army to a victory. Malala’s family lives in the town of Gulkada in the Swat Valley.

Where is Malala in Chapter 4?

Malala and her family would walk many miles to Barkana, a neighboring village, and Malala savored the sights of trees and animals while she walked. Occasionally, she would see a plane or helicopter flying high above the ground.

Who shot Malala?

Ehsanullah Ehsan, the former Pakistan Taliban spokesman who was responsible for the shooting of Malala Yousafzai in 2012 and carrying out the deadly Peshawar Army school terror attack in 2014, has escaped from prison, according to a audio clip released by him.

Why was Malala shot?

On 9 October 2012, while on a bus in the Swat District, after taking an exam, Yousafzai and two other girls were shot by a Pakistani Taliban gunman in an assassination attempt in retaliation for her activism; the gunman fled the scene.

What did Malala learn about stealing?

What did Malala learn about stealing? Do you think this was an important lesson for her? She learned that it is wrong and it brings shame and hurt to your family.

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What does Malala thank a teacher?

She thanked the children that encouraged her, her elders, nurses, doctors and Pakistan hospitals staff, UAE and UK government, social workers and human rights activists. 4. The social workers and human rights activists are struggling to attain their goal of peace, equality and education. Explanation:1.

Why did Malala like to play with her plastic mobile phone?

Answer. Explanation: Malala maybe was a small girl who liked to use phone and so she liked to play with her plastic mobile phone. Maybe she liked the phone very much that it became her liked one.