Quick Answer: How To Renew Motorcycle Insurance?

Can we do bike insurance renewal online?

Online Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Process Follow the below mentioned steps to renew your two wheeler insurance policy online: Go to bike insurance renewal form. Enter your bike registration number & other relevant information. Choose the two wheeler insurance plan that you want to purchase.

How can I renew my two wheeler insurance online?

National Insurance Bike Renewal Process

  1. Go to the two wheeler policy renewal section on the website.
  2. Enter the previous policy number as well as details of the policyholder.
  3. Review the two wheeler insurance plan to be purchased.
  4. Choose the add-on covers to be bought.

Is it necessary to renew bike insurance?

Renewing your two-wheeler insurance is mandatory, as riding a vehicle without insurance is an offense that is punishable by law. Owing to the convenience associated with renewing your bike insurance policy online, the whole process has now become easier.

What if bike insurance is not renewed?

When you fail to renew bike insurance the policy before the due date, your two-wheeler insurance policy expires. If the policy gets lapsed, your insurer is no more liable to provide any financial assistance or to entertain any of your claims.

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What happens when bike insurance expires?

You have to pay a penalty in the form of late payment fine, and if you don’t make that payment on time, your services can be terminated. In the worst case scenario, the company may take legal action against you. The same might happen if you forgot to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy.

How long do you have insurance on a new bike?

The increasing number of two wheelers plying on Indian roads as well as the rising numbers of uninsured bikes and road accidents, IRDAI has made a recent change in two -wheeler insurance regulations which states that it is necessary for every new two-wheeler to be issued with a long term insurance policy for 5 years.

Can bike insurance be renewed after expiry?

Two wheeler insurance renewal is must before the expiry of your existing insurance policy. If you choose to renew your expired two wheeler insurance offline, then inspection becomes mandatory and you will have to take your bike to the nearest office of your insurer for inspection along with the necessary documents.

Is online bike insurance safe?

Safety of online two-wheeler Insurance Buying online two-wheeler insurance is secured. However, customer may be worried because of online transactions but if brought with extra research, it is always safe to buy two-wheeler insurance online.

Which is best bike insurance?

List of Top Bike Insurance Companies in India

Bike Insurance Company Network Garage Own Damage Claim Settlement Ratio
Shriram Bike Insurance 2, 000+ 62.84%
Tata AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance 5, 000+ 91.80%
United India Two-Wheeler Insurance 3, 100+ 84.17%
Universal Sompo Two-Wheeler Insurance 3, 500+ 92.45%
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Can I buy a bike without insurance?

No, for a new vehicle, it isn’t mandatory to buy insurance from the dealer. However in some cases you can get a discount or haggle and get the dealer to put the first year in for free.

Is bike insurance mandatory for 5 years?

Following a Supreme Court ruling in September 2018, IRDAI has made it mandatory for all new two-wheelers to be issued a 5 – year insurance cover. But if you choose to purchase comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for your new bike, then your policy tenure will be 3 years and not 5 years.