Question: What Is Done On First Motorcycle Service?

What happens in first service of bike?

The first service of a two wheeler is done at 500 -700 KM or one month of usage. This service will include change of oil and other fluids. Also, by now it is possible that the bike may have had some damage or banging during common usage, which may require replacement.

What does a motorcycle service include?

A full service will include a road test to ensure the motorbike is running as expected. The service will very likely include an oil and oil filter change, as well as checks to brake callipers, pistons, cables, levers, pivots, wheel bearings, headlights, chain function and tyre pressure, among others.

When should I do my first motorcycle oil change?

Some people recommend changing the oil on a new motorcycle after that first 20-mile ride. Then again at 50 miles and at 200 miles. You can choose to do that.

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Is it necessary to change engine oil in first service?

In a new vehicle, engine oil change is always recommended at first service even if you have not used the vehicle much and odometer reading has still not reached 4 digits. This is absolutely necessary, as new engines obviously have new parts. Hence, never avoid engine oil change in your first service.

How much time it takes to service a bike?

Usually for a basic check up it does not take more than 45 mins. Hope you have a better idea now about the part you have issues and want to get serviced on priority basis.

How often should I service my bike?

After this initial service, we recommend a major service each 12 months with a minor check up at each change of season. It’s a reasonable guideline, but it really does depend on how much you ride, and what kinds of conditions you’re riding in. Heavy use, rain, mud and dust all mean more frequent servicing.

How often should you change oil on a motorcycle?

How often you change your motorcycle oil will depend on the type of oil it uses, the number of miles and frequency it’s driven. Your user manual will provide the recommended service intervals, but as a general rule: Mineral oil should be replaced every 2,000 to 3,000 miles, or at least once a year.

How much does a tune up cost on a motorcycle?

To answer the original question, most shops will do a typical ” tune – up ” set of services for $60-70. Bearing adjustments, wheel truing, brake adjustments, drivetrain/shifting adjustments, minor cleaning and relubrication of chain, test ride, that’s the fundamentals.

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What is done in bike servicing?

8) A lot of parts like the brake shoes/pads, engine oil, air filter, oil filter, throttle/brake/clutch cables, chain and sprocket and wheel bearings, have relatively shorter life than others. Though these parts are replaced often, we recommend you check these parts yourself for wear before replacement.

Do you need to change motorcycle oil every year?

Motorcycles that use mineral-based oil should be changed at least every 2,000 miles, or at least twice a year. Semi-synthetic oil should be changed every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Fully synthetic oil is best changed every 7,000 to 10,000 miles, according to Rips & Rides.

Is it necessary to warm up a motorcycle?

If it’s a new bike, it will require a few seconds – not minutes – to warm up. This is not only so the oils warm, but so the gaskets and valve seat properly in the new engine. If you idle modern bikes too long, or rev them hard before riding away, you can do long-term wear and damage to bearings and seals.

Is it best to get oil change at dealership?

Generally speaking, though, it shouldn’t matter much where you get your oil changed. As long as you keep your receipts and perform oil changes at recommended intervals, you won’t void your warranty if you go to an independent shop — and you might save some time and a little money.

What should we check after bike service?

A lot of the basic servicing jobs are easy enough to do yourself:

  • Oil and filter change. Your engine oil needs to be changed regularly to ensure engine longevity.
  • Air filter.
  • Spark plugs.
  • Drive chain adjustment.
  • Oiling cables, levers and pivots.
  • Clutch adjustment.
  • Engine idle speed (tick over speed)
  • Brake pads.
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How many km once engine oil should be changed?

The engine oil must be changed first at 5000 Kms, that at 20000 Kms / 12 months whichever is earlier. Then on after every 20000 Kms or 12 months, whichever is earlier.