Question: How To Make Smart Helmet For Motorcycle?

How do you make a smart helmet?

Step 1: Components Used (Hardware)

  1. Motorcycle Helmet.
  2. Arduino Nano ATMega328p (x2)
  3. MQ-3 Alcohol And Benzene Analog Sensor.
  4. Vibration Sensor Module.
  5. Push Button Switch.
  6. Jumper Wires.
  7. HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor.
  8. Active Piezo Buzzer.

What is the best material for a motorcycle helmet?

Three best motorcycle helmets

  • Shell material.
  • Thermoplastic helmets (typically polycarbonate ) are easy to form and inexpensive.
  • Composite helmets combine fiberglass or aramid (an organic fiber) with Kevlar and sometimes carbon.
  • Size.
  • Impact absorption: The first layer helps absorb impact.
  • Aerodynamics.
  • Visor.
  • Chin strap.

How does a smart helmet work?

A smart helmet is designed using Arduino with transmitter (Figure 7). If alcohol concentration is present in human breath, then it displays the message on LCD and it sends the SMS to register no. with their current location.

How can I customize my motorcycle helmet?

The first and most common way you can customize your helmet is to transform it into a totally new one by giving it a paint job. You can go about this two ways. First, you can paint the entire helmet, using special paint and a sealer that will work specifically for helmets, or you can have it airbrushed.

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What is the best motorcycle helmet for hot weather?

Top 5 Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather

Name Type
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Flip up, Full Face
ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet Full Face
CKX Unisex-Adult Landslide TX228 Off-Road Helmet Full Face

What helmet do police motorcyclists use?

The Shoei RJ Platinum-LE Solid White Police Helmet does not disappoint you at all.

What are the disadvantages of wearing helmet?

11 Reasons Why You Don’t Wear a Helmet

  1. There’s no helmet for all your other body parts.
  2. Cars give you less room when you wear a helmet.
  3. They make you look awful.
  4. They increase risk.
  5. No proof that they help for the way you ride.
  6. It’s impossible to hit your head when falling off your bike.
  7. You’re just sport climbing/there’s no loose rock.

Does painting a helmet weaken it?

Because the solvents in some paints may weaken the plastic of some bicycle, motorcycle, and sports helmets, the manufacturer of your helmet may recommend against painting it. If the outside of your helmet is damaged, don’t paint it. The solvent in the paint may leak into outer shell and damage it.

Can you wrap a motorcycle helmet?

Helmets have a lot of curves. In reality, you can wrap a motorcycle helmet yourself. As long as you properly prepare your equipment and workstation, and take your time at every step, you can pull it off. The key to success is patience.

How much does a custom painted helmet cost?

Pricing Information

Basic Helmet Paint Job $600.00+
Chrome or Gold Base $385.00
Custom Name (On Each Side of Helmet) $50.00+
Motocross Numbers (On Each Side of Helmet) $100.00+
Flat (Matte) or Partial Flat Clear Coat $150.00