Question: How To Draw Motorcycle?

How do you draw a chopper bike?

How to draw a chopper bike

  1. Mark off the width and height of the chopper motorbike.
  2. Define, with two ovals, the wheel rims and add the general shape of the body.
  3. Draw several lines for handlebars, the seat and the disk brake.
  4. Outline the telescopic fork, engine and exhaust pipes.
  5. Draw the general shapes of the engine and handlebars.

How do you become a motorcycle designer?

Professional motorcycle designers almost always hold degrees in industrial design, industrial design engineering or similar, and have training in styling, modeling, as well as knowledge in aspects of technology associated with single track vehicles.

How do you draw a Harley Davidson bike?

9 steps to drawing a Harley – Davidson V-Rod [w/video]

  1. Start your drawing with two circles that will form the wheels of the motorcycle.
  2. Draw two straight parallel lines coming up from the front wheel.
  3. Now make the handlebars and connect them to the ends of the forks drawn in the step 2.
  4. Draw long rectangular oval shape for the seat.