Often asked: How To Choose Tyre For Motorcycle?

Which TYRE is best for motorcycle?

Best Tyres

  • CEAT SecuraDrive. Tubeless. Rs4,445. Fuel Efficient. Wet Grip. Contact Dealer.
  • MRF ZLX. Tubeless. Rs2,495. Wet Grip. Dry Grip. Contact Dealer.
  • JK Vectra. Tubeless. Rs2,400. Wet Grip. Dry Grip. Handling.
  • JK Taximax. Tubeless. Rs2,800. Fuel Efficient. Wet Grip. Contact Dealer.
  • MRF ZVTV. Tubeless. Rs7,325. Wet Grip. Dry Grip. Contact Dealer.

What size tire do I need for my motorcycle?

Motorcycle Tire Speed, Load Rating And Tire Size

Front Tire Size Conversions Rear Tire Size Conversions
100/90 MM90 130/80
120/80 140/80
120/90 MR90 140/90
130/90 MT90 150/80

Is it OK to mix tire brands on a motorcycle?

Should You Mix Street Motorcycle Tires? Okay, so for street bikes, a motorcycle tire manufacturers will say definitely do not mix and match. Some people might think this is a sales tactic, but here’s the thing, tires are developed in pairs, not individually. They’re designed to be used from the start, together.

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What is the correct TYRE pressure for my motorcycle?

My recommendation, if you are riding hard, would be to take a pressure gauge with you – ride the first session at road pressures, then check the tyre while it’s still hot. As a rule of thumb on sportsbikes, reduce the rear to 42psi if it’s above that as soon as you get in (so the tyre’s still hot), and the front to 36.

Is Ceat TYRE good for bike?

Ceat Tyres also holds a wide market for itself. It gives you an altogether the new experience of driving a bike. The quality of the tyres is judged based on its performance in tough conditions. Ceat Tyres offer bias-ply tyres and radial tyres.

Which bike TYRE is best for rain?

  • CEAT MILAZE. Tube. Rs2,015. Low noise. Dry Grip. Wet Grip.
  • MRF Nylogrip Plus. NA. Rs1,500. Fuel Efficient. Wet Grip. Contact Dealer.
  • CEAT GRIPP. Tube. Rs2,020. Fuel Efficient. Wet Grip. Contact Dealer.
  • Michelin PILOT SPORTY. Tube. Rs1,650. Fuel Efficient. Wet Grip. Contact Dealer.
  • MRF MoGrip Meteor M. NA. Rs1,690. Fuel Efficient. Wet Grip.

Are wider motorcycle tires better?

Having a wide rear tire helps to prevent slippage in wet, rainy conditions. Wide tires provide a smoother ride. They are more capable of absorbing the bumps on the road. Wider tires are great because they provide help with power transfer and help handle stronger motorcycle engines.

Can I put bigger tires on my motorcycle?

When considering wider tires, you must factor in clearance for width and diameter, the effect on stability and handling, along with whether your rim is wide enough. If wider tires are approved for a motorcycle, it is usually permissible to increase by only one size designation.

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Should I replace both motorcycle tires at the same time?

The answer is no, you probably don’t need to replace both tires at once. That’s because the function of one doesn’t affect the function of the other. In fact, according to Side Car, the rear wheel gets worn out about twice as fast as the front wheel due to how the motorcycle works.

Do motorcycle tires have to be balanced?

Properly balanced tires ensure a smooth ride. Anytime you purchase new motorcycle tires, you should have them balanced. You should also balance your motorcycle tires if the weights happen to fall off, or if you notice your tires are starting to wear in an abnormal way.

How much does it cost to change tires on a motorcycle?

Motorcycle tire change costs between $20 and $125 per tire. Bringing in the wheels of your motorcycle (carry-in service) costs between $25 and $50 and bringing in the whole motorcycle (ride-in service) costs between $45 and $80. On average, the cost to change motorcycle tires is $50 per tire.

How long should motorcycle Tyres last?

Tyres aged 10 years or more should be changed for new. This is because rubber hardens over time, meaning the tyres have less grip. Cracks in the rubber are also a sign the tyre rubber is hardening and needs to be replaced.

How can I make my 125CC motorcycle faster?

How to Make My 125CC Motorcycle Go Faster

  1. Disassemble the air box and remove the filter.
  2. Check the oil to make sure it is clean.
  3. Replace the stock exhaust pipe with an aftermarket exhaust that includes larger piping.
  4. Check front and rear tire tread depth.
  5. Upgrade your front, rear or both sprockets for increased power-band control.
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Why are new motorcycle tires slippery?

Most tire manufacturers use release agents to separate newly-formed tires from their molds. These agents tend to leave behind a glossy finish that’s also slippery to the touch. Even without the use of release agents, motorcycle tires can still take on a glossy sheen due to chemicals used in the curing process.