Often asked: How To Change Speedometer Cable On Motorcycle?

How do you remove a speedometer cable?

  1. Step 1: Jack up the vehicle and set jack stands.
  2. Step 2: Place wheel chocks on both sides of wheels still on the ground.
  3. Step 3: Remove speedometer cable at transmission.
  4. Step 4: Remove the speedometer cable at the speedometer.
  5. Step 5: Remove the firewall grommet.
  6. Step 8: Transfer any necessary hardware.

How do speedometer cables work?

The speedometer cable, powered by the driveshaft, turns as well. The cable spins a magnet around at the same speed inside the speed cup. The magnet rotates continually in the same direction (in this case, counter-clockwise). The spinning magnet creates eddy currents in the speed cup.

Does the speedometer affect the transmission?

Problem Description The vehicle may lose vehicle speed signal, which can affect speedometer operation and transmission shift quality. Most often the vehicle speed sensor is faulty, however, at times, the driven gear inside the transmission is at fault.

Are all speedometer cables the same?

The mechanical cable connects to a geared output of the transmission which then drives a mechanical speedometer. The length of cable as well as the connectors themselves will vary with make and model of vehicle. The length of cable, the connectors, the power cabling, etc will vary with make and model of the vehicle.

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Where does a speedometer cable connect to?

The speedometer cable is connected to the back of the speedometer and runs through the gearbox of today’s modern cars, trucks and SUV’s. The cable is powered by the drive shaft and turns a magnet that creates an electrical current and sends this information to the onboard computer.

How is a speedometer connected?

A car with a digital speedometer uses a speed sensor, which usually consists of a magnet surrounded by a wire coil, quite like the pickup on an electric guitar. The sensor is mounted directly next to a gear on the transmission, and as the gear spins, its teeth whiz by, interrupting the magnetic field on the sensor.

Why is my speedometer not working on my motorcycle?

In general, you are looking at three potential problems: (1) broken or worn out cable, (2) broken speedo drive, and (3) broken speedometer. Use your power drill cinched down around the internal drive cable to spin the cable and see if the speedometer needle moves.

Does changing sprockets affect speedometer?

changing your gearing and then installing a speedohealer will calibrate your speedometer, but your odometer will now be off.

Why is my motorcycle speedometer off?

You probably have a larger rear sprocket than stock and/or a smaller front sprocket. Your bike has a speed sensor that works off the countershaft. So if you change gearing by changing sprocket sizes, deeper gears (higher reduction ratio) will indicate faster on the speedometer than you are actually going.

Can you drive with a broken speedometer?

Yes – you ‘re legally required to have a car that is “street legal” and if the speedometer doesn’t work then you ‘re driving illegally. It’ll be cheaper/easier to pay the speeding ticket than to insist that you were driving an illegally defective vehicle!

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Why does my speedometer go crazy?

Speedometer speed fluctuates erratically While you are driving, if you notice the needle on the speedometer jumps erratically from one number to another, the speedometer cable is most likely damaged or the sensors on the driveshaft are not accurately sending the signal through the cable.

Can I still drive my car if speedometer doesn’t work?

A vehicle with a speedometer that doesn’t work can be very unsafe as well as unpractical. By not knowing your speed, you may put yourself at increased risk for citation by police officers. You should stop driving a vehicle with a non-functioning speedometer until it can be checked by a mechanic.