How To Remove Motorcycle Wheel Bearing Without Puller?

Which tool is used to remove the bearings from housing?

The most common types of tools for removing bearings are two- and three-arm bearing pullers, or external pullers. They range from one- to forty-ton capacity and feature two or three jaws that are slim and tapered, allowing the ends to get easily behind the bearing to its race.

How long do motorcycle wheel bearings last?

How long should my wheel bearings last? Your motorcycle’s wheel bearings can last for 100,000 miles or more if they’re looked after but blowing the grease out or riding through deep water can shorten their life, as can heavy impacts caused by off-road riding, wheelies etc.

How do I check my bike wheel bearings?

Check for bearing play Test for this by holding the top of the wheel while it’s in the bicycle and gently pushing and pulling sideways to feel for movement of the wheel. In most properly adjusted hub bearings, there will be no noticeable play.

What are symptoms of wheel bearing problems?

The symptoms of bad wheel bearings include:

  • Noise: A humming, rumbling or growling noise that increases with acceleration or as the vehicle turns.
  • Looseness, excessive play in the steering wheel (vague steering );
  • Steering wheel vibration which changes with the vehicle speed or as the vehicle turns;
  • ABS malfunctioning.
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How do I remove a shaft pillow block bearing?

Remove any collar with a hex screw. Carefully cut a groove in the bearing all the way down but trying not to cut into the shaft. Use a screwdriver every so often to try and pry the sides apart and see if you’ve cut it through enough. After cutting, the two sides can be pried apart and bearing removed.