FAQ: How To Modify Motorcycle Helmet?

How can I make my motorcycle helmet look cool?

Blinking lights, glittery stickers and spray paints would be a better option, as they are quite vibrant and easily visible in the low light. Bike riders need to dig in different places in order to find something great, which they could put up on the helmets to make them more secure.

Can you change the size of a motorcycle helmet?

Also, if you are right on the edge between sizes, or experience discomfort in a specific spot, you can often swap out the helmet inner lining for a different size to customize your fitment. A good motorcycle gear shop will do this for you at no extra cost.

How do you modify a foam helmet?

1) put the helmet in the bathroom while running the shower on hot for about 20 minutes ~ this will make the foam inside the helmet more pliable; then, 2) form the foam by applying pressure using the backside of a tablespoon.

Can you add padding to a motorcycle helmet?

Yes. For RF-1200, the center pad can be swapped with thinner one or thicker one, as well as the cheek pad. X-14 has better liner system for the adjustment, for the “slightly” different head shape.

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How can I make my own helmet?

Quick and easy process 1) Browse templates 2) Pick a design you like 3) Customise colors and effects 4) Request a quote with our online form 5) If you like and accept the quote, we’ll paint your helmet and that’s it!

Should motorcycle helmets be tight?

If it fits right, your skin should move as the helmet is moved. You should feel as if a slight, even pressure is being exerted all over your head. Remember, too, that a helmet loosens up a bit as the comfort liner compresses through use. A new helmet should be as tight as you can comfortably wear it.

Should a motorcycle helmet squeeze your cheeks?

If the helmet fits as it should, you should feel the cushions against your cheeks. They’ll be pushed up a little, like “chipmunk cheeks.” (Note: Open face helmets do not have cheek pads, so they will not give this effect.) Your cheeks should move, not the helmet. If it’s sliding, go down at least a size.

Why does my motorcycle helmet hurt my head?

Your helmet may be slightly loose, or the fit is slightly off, it slips down on your forehead as you riding. You may simply be wearing the helmet in a wrong way. The thing is, it is possible that, even though the helmet is the right shape and the size, it can still sits too low on your head.

How do you shave polystyrene?

Use a blade for straight cuts. Bladed implements like knives, box cutters, precision blades (like X-acto knives) or hacksaws are great for cutting through styrofoam, especially if you don’t need to make any curved cuts. For a smoother cut, run the blade along an old candle before cutting your styrofoam.

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How can I make my helmet fit better?

Generally a helmet that is too small will loosen up but a helmet that is too large is trouble. You could try using a ” do rag”, bandana or other cloth on your head but really the best thing to do is get the smaller size and let it break it.

What is helmet padding made of?

Bicycle helmet liners are mostly molded in Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. For the cheaper helmets that make up the largest part of sales in the US market, the techniques are standard ones used in the industry’s “foam shops” for making all sorts of EPS parts.

How can I stretch my helmet?

If you have a helmet that almost fits, but is too snug, buy a child’s play ball (one of the soft plastic/rubber ones that is about 8″ or so in diameter and shove it into your helmet. Leave it for a couple of days or just overnight and check to see if the fit improves.